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Minimalist Hipster Buys $6 Coffee

10/30/2017 By: Mike Maxwell CHICAGO, IL- Another morning broke for repeatedly declared minimalist, Colin Porter rolled off his futon.  His feet hit the floor without an alarm, as he’d done for the past three years since finding himself. Dressed for the day, or possible hitchhiking to Burning Man, he exited his modest, garden unit apartment that reminded him daily to come down off the high horse of consumerism. After crossing a few gentrified blocks in Chicago, he came to his favorite neighborhood coffee shop, ‘Hard Pressed.’ There are no barista’s as it’s a communal coffee shop where patrons pay to… … Keep Reading


White People, Stop Tanning! You’re Appropriating Culture In The Worst Way

May 12, 2016 It happens every year. The sun comes out from its winter slumber and the Caucasian masses creep from their comfortable homes into the light and begin their assault on other cultures. Whether it be tanning in a bed and risking cancer or lying in the sun’s hot rays, white people will not stop until they appropriate the skin color of others. Now I know what you may be thinking: “Isn’t that natural? Doesn’t white people skin change tones throughout the year?” My answer to that is it doesn’t have to. By not wearing sunscreen, you are making… … Keep Reading

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