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Identity Thief With Heart Of Gold Pays Debt, Gets Promotion, Brings Wife To Orgasm For Victim

By: Maximilian Stolte CHICAGO, IL—Local stock broker Jeff Martins fell victim to identity theft two months ago after entering his credit card information into an online subscription service that was nothing if not suspect. As a wealthy man who keeps track of his personal spending, he has admittedly never kept regular tabs on his personal finances. His identity was stolen by a man who police have identified as Paul Parker, a career swindler with a heart of gold. Perhaps in filling his philanthropy quota, Parker did Martins a solid and significantly improved his life through identity theft. After obtaining his… … Keep Reading


NSA Politely Asks That Americans Be Mindful of Spoilers When Talking Near Smart TVs

10/20/2017 By: Jake Dierksheide WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States National Security Agency released a statement on Tuesday urging the American population to please, ‘cool it with the specifics’ from their favorite shows when making conversation in front of their TVs. The 2-page open letter urges the American public not to share any details from popular current televisions series when they may be being surveilled, which the letter also mentions is literally anytime and anywhere. The document specifies that in today’s post-9/11 world, it has been necessary for all Americans to give up luxuries like privacy in order to keep… … Keep Reading

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