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Fraternity Hazing Includes Hanging Out With Desmond

By: Jack Hutsey LAWRENCE, KS The freshman pledge class of the Pi Omicron Gamma Fraternity knew there would be hazing, but nothing could’ve prepared them for what they have experienced in the past six weeks. Other fraternities on campus are famous for their embarrassing stunts like streaking nude through the library and asking Ms. Crobbins, the octogenarian librarian who always says yes, out on a date. However, the brothers of P.O.G. had a hazing ace up their sleeve that nobody was ready for. “Cleaning, getting yelled at, wall-sits, beer runs, picking people up,” P.O.G. house president Devin “Truck Nutz” Pfeifferberg… … Keep Reading


6 Frasier Inspired Recipes To Add Some Sophistication To Your New Years Eve Party

1. Roz-Berry Pie Start by mixing greens of your choice in a bowl. Romaine lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, etc. Set bowl aside. On over medium heat, whisk eggs with a dash of milk and cook in a pan. In a pie dish, put a layer of the tossed lettuce mixture to act as the crust. Fill with the scrambled egg mixture. Top with remaining mixed greens and set out to cool. 2. Crostini a la Crane Start by greasing a pan with olive oil and preheating oven to 450 degrees. In a bowl, toss iceberg lettuce, diced cabbage, romaine lettuce, and… … Keep Reading


Work Holiday Party To Be Filled With Equal Parts Fun And Regret

By: Maximilian Stolte Chicago, IL—The law firm Abrahamson, Vorachek & Levinson is gearing up for its annual holiday party and, if last year is any indicator, its shaping up to be an absolute shit show. While attendees of last year’s party will agree that the party was incredibly fun for the employees and included free drinks, the shame and regret that came the next business day were equal enough to cancel out any joy experienced. Attorney Martin Pratt recapped his memory of last year’s party stating, “It was a bit fuzzy the next morning, but when I woke up to… … Keep Reading

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