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Are Male Seahorses The Cucks Of The Ocean? Yes!

By: Madeleine Russell Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, IL – A new study out of the University of Chicago closes the book on a centuries old quadry for mankind – what kind of total cucks are sea horses, anyway? The scientific community has found evidence to suggest that nearly all 40 species of seahorse are by far the most wussy member of the ocean creature family. This shameful prize used to belong to male dolphins – who have sex for fun with other male dolphins and hold an especially dear place in the hearts of young girls. The biggest and most commonly… … Keep Reading


The Dad From Fairly OddParents Is A Total Cuck

7/25/2017 By: Maximilian Stolte Fairly Oddparents was a brilliant Nickelodeon cartoon that offered both laughs and moral lessons to young viewers. Who could forget the episode where children were taught about adversity and prejudice when the tooth Nazi next door led Timmy to wish for everyone to be exactly the same? Beneath the surface of this show one can find a more sinister message that’s had a lasting impact on our youth: Timmy Turner’s dad is a major cuck and that’s something for children to emulate. Parents would be wise to think long and hard before letting their children consume… … Keep Reading

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