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Helpful Tips To Avoid Brendan Fraser In 2019

By: Ross Childs HOLLYWOOD, CA—It’s finally 2019. The perils and pitfalls of 2018 are now in the past and there’s nothing to do, but look to the fut–wait, do you hear that? That faint cat-like rustling in those Sycamore trees? Oh no…oh NO! It’s…it’s…nothing! But, it easily could have been Brendan Fraser. Hello, my name is Artfeld Grumbleflorp. I used to be Brendan Fraser’s agent, but, now I spend my days tracking, trapping, and distracting the elusive actor. In the last year, Brendan Fraser has been spotted two dozen times, and those are only the ones that have been confirmed.… … Keep Reading


5 Warning Signs That The Milkman Might Be A Process Server

9/5/2017 By: Jason Elewski Milkmen are the everyday heroes that provide us with rich, calcium-filled, silky smooth milk—the thing that keeps America’s backbone strong. We eagerly welcome them into our homes 2-3 times per week without hesitation. Why shouldn’t we? In this day and age, however, a nefarious group of subservient subhumans have taken advantage of our dependence on dairy in order to surreptitiously serve us subpoenas. Here’s a few tips on how to spot these scoundrels if they ever come knocking.    1.) It’s Tuesday: You just got fresh milk yesterday! Unless you’re hoarding milk in the middle of a… … Keep Reading

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