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Meryl Streep Seen Throwing Away Plans For House Made Entirely Of Oscar Statues

By: Ross Childs HOLLYWOOD, CA — Another Oscar night has come and gone, and many artists walked away with a coveted gold statue. One person, however, seems to have been snubbed by the awards again this year. Meryl Streep did not win for Best Actress this year, much to her chagrin, as she was seen disposing of plans to build a summer home out of Oscar statues in a Hollywood waste basket. Meryl Streep received the Best Actress nomination for her role opposite Tom Hanks in The Post: a 2017 Drama that my mom told me was good. This was… … Keep Reading


PERSPECTIVE: My Hometown Replaced A Statue Of Robert E. Lee With An Anatomically Correct Statue of Alf And Now Everyone Is Fuckcrazy

By: Jack Hutsey SUGAR TREE, TENN.— I’m so proud of my hometown. They took a moral stand against bigotry and racism and tore down a controversial statue of Robert E. Lee, who famously avoided visiting Sugar Tree after the war due to a strong sulfurous smell. To replace the memorial, the city council commissioned a new statue from an avant-garde German artisan simply named Balmoral. Balmoral worked for three months and unveiled the new monument at the Thanksgiving Jamboree. It was a bronze statue of TV’s Alf: dick, balls, taint and all. Balmoral called it “an indictment of greed and… … Keep Reading

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