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Dream Catcher Hanging From Rearview Mirror Perfect For When I Fall Asleep Driving

By: Sandra Simpson SANTA FE, NM—My rearview mirror dream catcher isn’t just a hastily made gas station purchase, it’s a very important and culturally significant piece that is both spiritual and practical. Native Americans would hang these woven hoops with feathers and beads above their babies cradles to protect them from bad dreams. In keeping with that tradition, I put mine where I need it most, in my car where I fall asleep for moments at a time while driving. Maybe I should get more sleep, try caffeine, or even pull over at rest stops. The truth is I feel… … Keep Reading


STUDY: Those Eight Spiders You Swallow In Your Sleep Can Lay Eggs

By: Zack Peercy (Burlington, VT) – Despite recent widespread acceptance of the fact that the average human swallows eight spiders in a lifetime, a new study from the University of Vermont is here to say that those eight spiders we all swallow can lay eggs. In fact, they probably already have. The study, conducted by UVM’s Biology department’s Masters candidates, provides key symptoms for anyone to self-diagnose that they definitely have live spiders actively laying eggs that will hatch inside their stomachs. Seven Key Symptoms: Waking Up With Scratchy Throat A sore or scratchy throat in the morning is a… … Keep Reading


Local Dad Urges “Get Some Rest” For “Big Day” Planned Tomorrow

9/21/2017 By: Maximilian Stolte Wearing a polo shirt tucked into khakis and brown slip on shoes, local dad Tom Anderson urged all within earshot, “get some sleep tomorrow, we have a big day planned”. His warning about the long day, full of events planned by himself, came right before he turned in for sleep at 10PM this past Friday night. His plan: to wake himself and everyone in the whole damn house up at 7AM Saturday morning. Liz Anderson, 18, told reporters, “We weren’t sure what it would be. Maybe helping him with yard work, going out to breakfast with… … Keep Reading

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