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Justice At Last: The Weinstein Company Is Changing All Of Harvey Weinstein’s Producing Credits To ‘Farty McMasturbator’

By: Jason Elewski Just as the they are about to file for bankruptcy and free anyone bound by a non-disclosure agreement regarding their once virile founder, Harvey Weinstein, the Weinstein Company is taking one more act of penance to correct years of wrong-doing. After unwittingly ruining the lives and careers of any woman whose vocabulary included the word “no”, the Weinstein Company has decided to clear the slate of their tainted history and replace all of Harvey Weinstein’s producing credits with the name Farty McMasturbator, simultaneously shaming Mr. Weinstein and allowing viewers to watch their favorite flicks, unimpeded by the… … Keep Reading


Social Media Scandal: Instagram Accidentally Released A Filter That Adds Female Nipples To Everything

By: Jason Elewski The popular photo app, Instagram, came under fire this week amid a controversy regarding a filter that was accidentally released. The filter, which was still in development before it was mistakenly distributed to the public, has been adding random nipples to user’s snapshots. Entitled Nippar, it was originally conceived to remove any naughty areolae uploaded through the app. “In theory, when the filter is working correctly, it should look like people don’t have any nipples at all, making it okay for anyone to upload topless photos without any unpleasantries,” said Instagram developer Laurie McPoodle. There appears to… … Keep Reading

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