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Peace Treaty Signed After Puppy Enters Negotiating Room

By: Ross Childs SEOUL, S KOREA — This is a historic moment. For the first time in more than half a century, the leaders of two warring nations, Kim Jong Un from North Korea, and Moon Jae-in from South Korea, finally sat down with each other to iron out a peace treaty with a focus on denuclearization. But when it seemed like neither nation wished to back down from certain demands of the other, it looked like negotiations would break down almost as soon as they began. However, the day was saved when Spunky, a Cocker Spaniel puppy owned by… … Keep Reading


Why The Government Doesn’t Want You To Look Directly At The Solar Eclipse

8/20/2017 By: Brody Lefevre Since the dawn of man eclipses have had a profound impact on civilization. The celestial phenomenon has led to major scientific breakthroughs and influenced cultural change. Considering the political turmoil and shifting social dynamics of our current society, the upcoming solar eclipse could very well be the catalyst for a revolution. This possibility is such a cause for concern for our government that they have produced glasses and launched a fear campaign to keep us from staring at the eclipse and achieving spiritual enlightenment and evolving to the next plane of human intellect. Ancient cultures believed… … Keep Reading

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