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Husband Released Back Into Society After Fad Diet

By: Mike Maxwell Palatine, IL –This Friday marked the triumphant close of a grueling journey for Ryan Knowles as he finished his first ever relationship induced dieting regiment. Knowles, a husband to soulmate Kasha, has avoided three joint dieting efforts. The Whole 30 will forever be his caloric nemesis. Wikipedia summarizes The Whole 30 as a fad diet that emphasizes whole foods in which participants eliminate sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy, dairy, and social acceptance. “Kasha tried to get me on a cleanse back when we dated, then it was going vegan which was pointless because I lived a half… … Keep Reading


Paleo Diet Claims Another Life [Video]

9/8/2017 With all of the fad diets sweeping the nation, it is difficult to tell which of them are truly healthy and which are literally killing you. In this video, Sandy Waters investigates the paleo diet and the unforeseen consequences that it had on one dieter that changed his life forever. … Keep Reading


Get That Hot Summer Bod Using Ed Sheeran’s New Fad Diet

5/3/2017 By: Erika Hakmiller Awww, who’s that cute widdle ba…Oh. Wait. That is a full grown man. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, despite the flawless skin, big eyes, and childlike charm, this picture is of 26-year-old Ed Sheeran. How does he look so young? He follows a strict diet and exercise plan inspired by preschoolers that, according to the man-baby himself, keeps both his body AND mind young. If you follow his method, you’re sure to be in love with the shape of YOU this summer. Ed Sheeran starts every morning like most children, by waking up in his crib… … Keep Reading

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