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Phish Plays 27 Minute National Anthem At Boston Red Sox Game

By: Maximilian Stolte BOSTON, MA—Yesterday the Red Sox played the Angels and Phish phans everywhere rejoiced as the band was in attendance to watch the team and perform their rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”, or for newbs to the music scene, “The National Anthem”. The crowd was both perplexed and upset when the cover of this beloved song not only included heavy improvisation on guitar, a 3 minute drum solo, an a cappella section, and the use of a vacuum cleaner as an instrument, but also lasted 27 minutes. Music and baseball fans alike agreed that the jam band… … Keep Reading


Counting Crows Spotted in Kansas, Counting Crows

By: Jennifer Allman HUTCHISON, KS–Beloved American rock band, Counting Crows, was spotted in Hutchinson, Kansas early last Sunday. The rock group was found outside of the Dutch Kitchen restaurant on Highway 61. All-time Counting Crows fan, Russell Richardson, paused as he parked his 2002 Toyota Tacoma (which is in pretty good condition, all things considered) and peered across the lot. Richardson moseyed over to inquire about the band’s presence. Says Richardson, “I figured they were a playin’ at Hutchinson High School’s Annual Turkey-in-the-straw Thanksgiving Day Square Dance. But I hadta ask ‘em myself.” Richardson approached and found the band standing… … Keep Reading

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