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Turns Out Hitler Ruined Another Cool Symbol For Everybody

By: Jason Elewski Braunau am Inn, Austria— Remember that cool pointy S that you loved to draw in middle school? As it turns out, Hitler loved to draw it too, you goddamn Nazi. Storage bidders in Austria, much like the stars of the A&E show Storage Wars, discovered a locker this weekend containing what appears to be family keepsakes previously owned by the parents of former Nazi frontman, Adolf Hitler. As if Hitler couldn’t be any more of a historic bummer, it appears he’s still harshing everyone’s vibe from beyond the grave. Discovered in a box labeled “Addie’s 5th grade… … Keep Reading


Actually, I’m More Of A Grammar Stalinist (Blog Post)

10/19/2017 By: Tiffany Williams I don’t usually respond to comments or tweets directly on my blog, but I thought this particular case warranted a post. I was recently referred to as a “grammar nazi” and I wholeheartedly disagree. I do not appreciate having my zeal for correct usage and mechanics compared to the inhuman atrocities committed by the Third Reich. I understand the impulse to draw up Holocaust imagery to address my ferocious choice to rectify other’s misuse of punctuation. I’m forceful, but I’m no nazi. Joseph Stalin’s forced famine that resulted in the death of over seven million is the more appropriate metaphor. These fascist totalitarian states… … Keep Reading


A Voice of Rationality! Creator of ‘Barack O’Hitler’ Meme Calls for Peaceful Transfer of Power

11/12/2016 The nation has fallen into turmoil following the results of the US general election on November 8. In trying times like these, social media almost always finds a source of optimism to lighten our collective mood. Last month, we found solace in the amiable crimson sweater of Kenneth Bone. Today, a new hero was born. At 4:19am, Craig Douglas took to Facebook in a plea for the peaceful transference of power. Douglas, a bank teller by day, is known best for his creation of the widely disseminated image depicting Barack Obama as some sort of Hitler-Demon. In his plea,… … Keep Reading

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